I don’t really want this blog to become world-famous and inspire a hit TV show, but in the event that it does, I am a quirky, twenty-something with a fondness for New Kids On The Block’s song ‘Popsicle’. 

I have a really cute diary at the moment that I bought a few years ago for a friend. We do this thing where we send each other notebooks and actually one of the ones she sent me about three years ago is actually my last ‘diary’. Entries range from 2012-15, shopping lists to to-do lists, schedules and some of my fiction. Now back in the day I was serious about journalling. I would do it every day, sometimes more than once and I think it actually was quite helpful. A lot of the time it was silly stuff about my latest crush and TV boyfriend (we’ve all had one – including straight guys!) but it was an outlet where no one could judge what I was saying. Though given that I sort of used to walk around with a million notebooks and let all of my friends read them I didn’t mind so much. It seems crazy that I’d be so open to people reading my personal thoughts and feelings but in many ways it was kind of like having a blog, I just started early.

Furthermore, this isn’t my first or only blog. I’ve had so many. Nothing really compares to putting pen to paper and just wasting an hour writing down random thoughts to venting about life, but writing in a diary just isn’t feasible anymore. I don’t have the time and even if I did, I have the internet and it’s luring powers calling me away at all hours of the day.

So, I’m trying this blogging thing (again) to see if it’ll help with my over-thinking (there’ll be more on that later because seriously – I need to stawp. Like now.) and while I currently have a TV-orientated blog, it’s more for social commentary and snarky, witty kind of posts. I doubt that my 25 readers (hey, it’s better than nothing, right?) are all that interested in my life, lol.

I guess I’ll see just how well this blog works out!


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