#7 queen of the nitpick

So, one of my first posts on here was about a friend who I am no longer friends with. I’m now sort of wondering if I should let another friend go.

Now this person hasn’t really done anything, and I wouldn’t necessarily stop talking to them, just kind of downgrade them? I just kind of feel I’m hassling them almost, even though I don’t say much to them? But basically anything that might require a response of more than a few words is ignored and other things are responded to and I’m just kind of like, if they don’t want to hear about my life, then what’s the point? I’m certain that it’s always been this way but I’ve grown a little tired of it now.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m being nit-picky. They are a really good friend and they’re busy and I genuinely believe and know that they are, so I will put it down to that and just ‘do me’ in the meantime. Our friendship is balanced enough that I don’t think I’d feel as messed up as I did with the other situation where there were years of confusion and drama weighing on top of us.

Anywho! I will be back later with more educational explanations to Martians. I think I might actually create a Martian frog named ‘Cheesecake’ that I’m explaining things too, ’cause I’m weird that way.


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