#15 More bioscience! This time I will attempt to explain caloric homeostasis.

Sorry for any typos and while I did try to approach the ‘Pretend you’re explaining to a Martian’ method, I’m sure it veered away from that quite early on. Read More »


#13 resentment

Resenting someone is one of the least fun things in this world. At first you feel good, this person sucks and you’re not shying away from it. But then when things become about how much it sucks it has a negative effect on you – or well, me, in this case.

So I’mma write a letter. I’m ready to let this go once and for all and focus on more positive things. Read More »

#11 Moving on

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forgive and Forget?.” This prompt is rather apt given what I wanted to blog about. To sum things up, I had a friend who I was close with for a few years. We drifted apart but I would keep in touch and try to start a dialogue […]

#10 Failure.

Back when I was younger, I would get pulled aside by my teachers and they would tell me to make sure that I studied and kept up with what  I was doing, because being female and non-white, it would be hard for me to get where I wanted. At the time, it felt like they were putting a lot of pressure on me. I mean, I was under the age of 12, I was reasonably smart and I kind of thought I knew everything. Going through school, I tended to have a sort of half-an-half approach.Read More »