Things I don’t understand.

Life, for one.

I don’t understand life.

I don’t understand human beings. I really don’t.

Lately, it feels like a lot of people are pretending. They want to be seen as nice, fair, kind but they don’t seem to want to put the work into being those things.

So they jump.

They find ways to make themselves look better and hope to hell others believe it. They don’t acknowledge their mistakes.

That, to me, is the deal breaker.

You’ve got to acknowledge your mistakes for me to believe that you’re genuine. Or at least have the guts to say you’re not sorry for what you did, but don’t pretend. Don’t act like it didn’t happen. Don’t make yourself out to be the victim when once upon a time, you were the perpetrator.

It’s dishonest.

It’s not healthy.

It won’t end well.