There’s a new epidemic in town and it’s called self-promotion.

Self promotion isn’t necessarily a bad thing. How will you get that perfect job, or that perfect relationship if you don’t believe in yourself? You won’t. If done tastefully, self-promotion is absolutely fine. However in the age of social media and instant updates, it has grown to be a huge thing that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. These days, it’s masked as being ‘who you are’ and sharing your experiences with others. People are encouraged to post countless selfies and trade their confidence for compliments. We have people posting every thing they do for some kind of recognition, even though at the end of the day, sometimes they’re just not that special. Sometimes we don’t need to see a timeline of your perfect life. Especially when we know that it isn’t real. It’s an illusion.

We have people using charitable acts to prove that they have depth and character but if all one knows about your campaign is that you support it, something isn’t quite right. There’s the humblebragger, the person who’s constantly buying new things, the person who refuses to stop until everyone has seen whatever they want to promote. The people who can’t see beyond their own melodrama long enough to give a damn about anyone else.

In the midst of that, there’s one thing I always notice. Those who are so well versed in self-promotion are always the first to kick other people down. They’re always the first to pass judgement. They’re always the ones who complain about being judged. They’re the people who never want to be held accountable for what they say. Yet, they self-promote the good in their lives and ignore their own negative qualities.

Life is all about learning from mistakes. The bad stuff can’t be erased and replaced with good things. The past isn’t a mirage, it’s a huge scribble, drawn permanent marker. You can’t look at one part without seeing the rest.

If it isn’t worth bragging about, maybe you shouldn’t do it.

Learn how to be humble and appreciative.

Don’t be an asshole.

Focus on good attributes and not materialistic items.

Promote realities and not dreams.

If you want to raise awareness for a good cause, don’t make it all about you because in the long run, it won’t help anybody.

Be real, because at the end of the day, there’s alway going to be someone who can’t spot the difference between something genuine and something fake.