Being ignored by someone is never easy.

I have this friend. We used to speak regularly and then we didn’t. And then we added each other on whatsapp and we spoke practically every day. We maintained a somewhat regular conversation even when she started studying full time. She divulged personal things and I did too. We were pretty close I’d say.

Things changed toward the start of this year. I didn’t hear from her much and I think I reached out. She had a good reason for being  a little distant and I don’t actually mind the distance now and then.  What really gets to me is that she picks and chooses what to respond to. It’s okay if someone can’t respond right away but to not respond at all drives me crazy. There are times when I’ve needed to talk and I see that she’s seen my message but I get nothing back. It’s hurtful and worst of all, something that she’s expressed disliking in the past. Now given that she’s always been guilty of this I guess I should not be surprised. And I’m not. I am however, completely fed up of being ignored by people who claim that they’re there for you. It’s one thing to ignore a silly picture but to do it so frequently without any attempt to respond really pisses me off. Even if it took a week to reply, I wouldn’t be mad. If she didn’t reply at all I maybe would get the hint and just move on but…

…if she gets an opportunity to talk about herself, that gets the water flowing. The dam bursts and I get more than silence.
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