I am coming up to quite a busy time period, not that you’d know it given how much I seem to procrastinate. Anyway, so I have a blog that was initially about something. In the beginning, I got little response. I didn’t mind really, it was just a place to express myself. And then people found me and I got some attention. After a while, it went from me writing for myself to me writing for my ‘audience’. The trouble is that my audience are only interested in one thing and now I feel uncomfortable posting random silly things on it. And the original purpose of the blog has passed really. It served a purpose and I’ll always hold it in high regard.

However, I feel like a puppet master performing to an audience. So I’m moving here for the time being. I will probably go back to it but right now I need to just be able to spit out words without putting on an act and trying too hard to make it humorous. I need to be myself for once.


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